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I urge you to vote in the upcoming run-off election on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 for Tonya Rolland McLaughlin.
Tonya is the only remaining qualified candidate in the election for County Criminal Court at Law #10.

She has extensive trial experience, both as a Harris County prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. She was voted the most qualified candidate by her peers in the Houston Bar Association Judicial Poll. The Houston Chronicle said “Tonya Rolland McLaughlin isn’t just the most qualified candidate in this race – she’s the only qualified candidate”.

Her opponent, a former police officer, has never selected a jury in his career and has never tried a criminal case in his life. His strategy to overcome his lack of experience is to trick the voters by paying for meaningless endorsements. Don’t let him buy this bench, the taxpayers and citizens who appear before him will ultimately pay the price.

Please Vote on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 for Tonya Rolland McLaughlin

County Criminal Court at Law #10