Thank You

I want to thank everyone who helped me during this campaign. It was a real learning experience. I am disappointed that I will be unable to get a Veteran's Court organized in this Court, but I am hopeful that I can convince the winner of this race of the merits of creating a Veteran's Court. I would be happy to devote some of my time toward that goal.

Thank you to all who donated your money, time, effort and prayers on my behalf. We ran a good honest race without "paying to play" and that is something I am very proud of. I have learned, the hard way, that it is almost impossible to win a judicial race without "paying to play."

I wanted to offer my service to Harris County and thanks to my friends, I was able to do exactly that. I am proud that I stepped up for all the right reasons and I can rest easy knowing that I did my best.

Mary Heafner
Defense Attorney and Private Citizen